October 31st, 2003

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Fileg's Found Tarot

Happy All Hallows All

I am Fileg, also known as "Daughter of Printers, Lives with Artists."

I thought I might get my feet wet in the journaling community by introducing the concept of "Found Tarot."

I have been reading Tarot most of my life, and I have been surrounded by people who have designed and created some beautiful decks, including my Heart-Sisters Chris Smith and Robin Wood, my last Lost Boy Lee Moyer, the beautiful and talented Annaliese Moyer who is working on a photodeck idea with me, and my husband Jim, who has designed several overly-specific decks for me.

For several years, Chris and I have been collecting pictures that have come to us through chance, and trying to organize them, like found verse, into a usable whole. Since we are not systematic about it, it is still far from finished. But the idea persists, as does the recognition when an image hits the myth center of the brain. I thought I would share them with you.

Todays card is a trump

It is original art done by my very much missed friend, Tim Standish, as a magazine illustration. It's myth is Beauty and The Beast. How do you perceive, and how you allow yourself to be perceived? Are you your image? Who do you pretend to be? Do you don that guise to hide or to aspire? Will someone be perceptive enough to offer you a kiss and a rose?
little brown bird

An Anniversary Exchange

Chris sent this note to the Henneth Annun line today to commemorate my anniversary:

And a pointer to all the men out there - unless you are an exhibitionist, remember not to go commando whilst wearing a kilt, particularly if you are not used to it. It causes a crowd to gather at the photo developer's as the prints make their way through the conveyor belt in the mall window. (A lesson learned after a certain wedding celebration, eons ago.)

Happy anniversary to Shunt (not the man in the kilt) and Tay!

Chris (not the Chris in the kilt)
With fond and somewhat lecherous memories of the day.

Eons, indeed. Jim and I have three anniversaries-- (best not to ask.) We have been together since 1977, but in **1985,** during the mop-up from Hurricane Gloria, we had a handfasting and renewal of our vows in order to change our anniversary to today, (which is the only anniversary we expect anyone but us to remember.)

Chris is not kidding, so if accidental full frontal male nudity offends you, don't look at this wedding photo. Men in kilts! Gotta love 'em. (There are several reasonably well know fantasy artists in this photo, as well as 3 HASA members, but I'm not telling)

If anyone read my dwarf story Gifts of Lifeand saw in my notes that my!Gimli is based on my friend Christopher Quinn Eldrich — that's him. Umm... all of him.

The photos really did go through the developing window in the mall, and especially amused two little boys very much. Robin Wood (high priestess du jour and heart-sister) walked over to see what the giggling was all about, and nearly had to be carried out of the mall she was laughing so hard.
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little brown bird

Cake Toppers

Jim and I are low-carbers, so I have pretty much given up cake - except for the occasional splurge, where my friends feed me sugar and watch me zoom around like a wasp that has been into the cotton-candy at a fair. They did this to me at my big birthday last year, and I sat on the floor licking blue icing off my spoon and had the following exchange with my old buddy John Pomerantz:

JP: (giggling) Your tongue is blue. What have you been eating?"
Me: Celts. If the boys are willing to woad up and fight, I think we should all do our part.

Anyway, I am known for an abiding passion for the kitsch of my 1950's childhood, and I thought that I would put out traditional cake toppers on the table with dinner, even without cake (Cake tomorrow, dinner with friends)

But Jim had found the Gobbler Toys (go there!) have actually made a Kiki, the Fashion Tiki! So my wedding toppers now look like this:

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