November 11th, 2003

little brown bird

david caps

For Mr Kinch, to celebrate excellent taste

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I want to add this to the tub photos last night, but the database was down --

There was an interview with Susie Porter in IF (australian 'Independant Film' magazine Nov '00) about Better than Sex, and they described David's "outfit" as: a bit of calico encasing both penis and scrotum - tied with a bit of red ribbon and secured with gaffer tape.

Sounds painful to remove, poor lamb. But interesting to unwrap...
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little brown bird

found tarot

The Hanged Man

letting go, having an emotional release, being vulnerable and open, giving up control, turning the world around, changing your mind, overturning old priorities, seeing from a new angle, upending the old order, living in the moment
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little brown bird

word association

A previous incident of spell checker madness led to my husband's habit of referring to Boromir and Faramir as Boomer and Farmer.

I was in a new spell check today, and it gave me these choices for Faramir - some of which I adore, and will mark:

For Faramir, try: Fara mir, Fara-mir, Framer, Frame, Laramie, Farmer, Ramie, Fara, Farr, Farm, Paramour, Farrier, Foamier, Framers, Framing, Frasier, Frazier, From, Farah, Fermi, Farer, Farad, Frail (hey, that's not true! It's fanon, dammit!)

ok, so then I had to look up the Big Guy, too:
(check out that last bolded entry, and tell me how long it took you to stop laughing!)

For Boromir, try: Broome, broom, Byrom, bosomier, boomer, roomier, brim, bromide, bromine, brooming, boron, broodier, boom, bottomer, brooms, roomer, Bloomer, Bram, Brodie, bloomer, borer, broom's, broomed, Boris, boric, bosom, broil, brooder, groomer

off to write a drabble about Bottomer and Foamier....