November 12th, 2003

little brown bird

Empire UK December 03

This pic appeared in the ad for next month's big Empire issue on LoTR. I just love it!

I was tempted to put him in the deck as The Magician, but I am spoiled for choice on that card... would he make a good Emperor?

updated: OK, we will let Peter stand for the emperor and fill in for the day I missed posting a card:

The Emperor

fathering, establishing a family line, setting direction and tone, protecting and defending, guiding growth, bringing security and comfort, offering explanations

emphasizing structure, creating order out of chaos, providing shape and form, coordinating, exercising authority, exerting control, being in a position of strength, coming in contact with officials, setting direction, regulating, establishing order, applying rules or guidelines
little brown bird

found tarot

The Lovers

relating to others, establishing bonds, sexual energy, feeling love, forming a union, acknowledging kinship, getting closer, making a connection, seeking union, responding with passion, tapping inner energy

establishing personal beliefs, questioning received opinions, figuring out where you stand, going by your own standards, making up your own mind

choice, struggling with temptation facing an ethical or moral dilemma, refusing to let ends justify means, finding out what you care about

Chris has finally come aboard, and will be showing found cards from her half of the varied collection we have accrued over the years. Our approach is quite different, though we are often drawn to similar images. She has her first card up - go over and check it out, you will find some amazing images and insights.

I am delighted to think I will eventually have the best of our cards available in one place!
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little brown bird

Earth, Water, FIre, Air

Since Cruisedirector saw fit to name the Minor Arcana challenge because of me, I thought I would do my best to honor both parts of it. Here is the altar of the magician, laid with cup, wand, sword and shield, combining the power of the four traditional elements to find the center, the focus of each and realize their potential, and, I hope, still retaining the flavor of Middle-earth.

Earth, Water, Fire, Air
Four drabbles for the Minor Arcana Challenge