November 26th, 2003

little brown bird

Help Me, Spak!

Because we have been friends forever in another life, Jalitha sent me to read a review of Turkish Star Trek.

If you have any passing familiarity with the original trek, you must at least go see these pictures. If you are long on intestinal fortitude and have a surreal sense of humor, you must also read the article. But put down all food and beverages, and do not attempt to handle heavy machinery while you read it.

Please remember to blame Jalitha, I am only the courier.
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little brown bird

found tarot: wheel of fortune

Wheel of Fortune

feeling a sense of destiny, using what chance offers, seeing life's threads weave together,
finding opportunity in an accident, opening to luck, sensing the action of fate, witnessing miracles,
being at a turning point, moving in a different direction, turning things around, altering the present course,
being surprised at a turn of events, feeling movement, experiencing change, having the tempo of life speed up,
being swept up in new developments, getting involved, having a personal vision,
seeing how everything connects, becoming more aware ,uncovering patterns and cycles,
expanding your outlook, gaining greater perspective, discovering your role and purpose
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little brown bird

Saying Hi

Since Robin is so good at keeping her own secrets (*snerk!*) and has pretty much outed herself, I just thought I would finish the job here among my cadre -

One of my adopted family has joined us here, taking the name Jalitha. But you may already know her from her fantasy art or her Tarot Deck, under the name Robin Wood.

I know her as the woman who forced me to invent the first rule of first aid (Get your friends to stop laughing), who was willing to be the other half of my team when I thought it would be a good idea to play cat's cradle with fifty feet of rope, who turned my husband and most of my bathrobes into pictures of wifty wizards in old Mayfair Gaming modules, and has been encouraging me for years to write things down - though I think she was expecting stories with names like "Fritz, displaying his washcloths", not Faramir. And,well, the best stories I probably should not tell here. But no doubt, we will as we go on. LOL!

Anyway, I just thought I would introduce her to you guys.

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lego porn

Jim, who knows I have a sick sense of humor, just sent me this message:

Block Porn - I HOPE english is not his first language...

All I can say is, don't go there if explicit Lego renditions of standard porn plots might upset you...
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joey ramone

I just got this message over the iddiots-delight line:

On this Thanksgiving Eve, I say thanks for this!

This Sunday Nov. 30, 2003, the corner of 2nd Street and The Bowery in Manhattan will be officially named JOEY RAMONE WAY by the City Of New York. The 1-hour long ceremony begins at 1 PM Sunday afternoon, right outside CBGB.
There will be lots of cool "speakers" ... lots of Joey's friends gathering to honor their compañero. The public is invited. I think we should jam the neighborhood with well-wishers and good wishes!

What a terrific recognition of Joey! Way to go New York City!

Vin Scelsa

PS Up until just a few days ago the name was to be Joey Ramone Place ... but it was changed to Joey Ramone Way. Which has a kind of a Zen quality to it, doncha think? I like it. "The Way of Joey" - gabba gabba hey!
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christmas window

Did you ever think the Nieman-Marcus Christmas Window would fill you with thoughts of Slashy Goodness?

or -guh - maybe just finding these clothes discarded around my bedroom....

must go lie down now.