December 2nd, 2003

little brown bird

found tarot: the tower

The Tower

going through sudden change, experiencing upheaval, having plans disrupted, being surprised, undergoing a crisis, having everything shaken up, being in chaos

releasing, exploding, erupting in anger, breaking through pretense , letting everything go, falling down, being humbled, experiencing a crash, toppling from the heights, having a downturn in fortune, suffering a blow to the ego or spirit

having a revelation, suddenly realizing the truth, exposing what was hidden, having a burst of insight, seeing through illusions, seeing everything in a flash
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little brown bird

quiz: yule carols

from Cruisedirector

The North Wind is Tossing the Leaves
You are 'The North Wind is Tossing the Leaves'!

Aha! An antipodean! And one who is alert enough to know that there are actually Australian Christmas carols written by someone other than Rolf Harris. Christmas for you is about the Summer holidays - you've never forgotten the long weeks of beaches, sunburn, iceblocks and cricket from when you were a child. Whether your family does roast turkey and plum pudding, seafood salads and icecream cake, or lasagne, cottolette and panettone, by Boxing day everyone will be dozing in front of the airconditioning, watching the Test Match or playing with their new toys. And the extra special thing about Christmas in the Southern hemisphere? When the children get up at dawn to open their presents, dawn is 5am...

What Christmas Carol are you?
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I am not actually an antipodean - I am just very multi-cultural and well read. And we all know my heart was in Wellington, NZ for Yule this year! (I lust after one; perhaps that helped....) Plus- just look at these 'fileg-centric' lyrics! You know this wanted to be a pagan carol! If the pagan choice in the quiz had been 'the holly and the ivy' (special solstice cross-over - pagan x carol snob) that would probably have been me. So here - I made this for myself...