December 14th, 2003

little brown bird

Fileg and Faramir

OK, you guys, I have put up with character assassination, hair colour changes, you name it -- but this!

I have had this pic on my desk top on and off since it became available - tonight I got a copy I could carefully enlarge - ok, now I can actually see the arrows.

What do I find?

After all these years of careful dancing around in my *private* arc about how to get North close to him with his injury --- they have shot him in the other shoulder!! (veg)

little brown bird

found tarot: high priestess

High Priestess

seeing life's threads weave together, finding opportunity in an accident, sensing the action of fate, witnessing miracles

being at a turning point, reversing, moving in a different direction, turning things around, altering the present course, being surprised at a turn of events, feeling movement, experiencing change, getting involved

having a personal vision, seeing how everything connects, becoming more aware, uncovering patterns and cycles, gaining greater perspective, discovering your role and purpose