January 2nd, 2004


Pushing the Wrong Button...

I have a good friend I met at Henneth Annun who writes lovely, lyrical stories - mostly about Rohan, which is her particular obsession.

She fell for Eomer about the same time I fell for Faramir -- some time ago (grin). But when she started writing fan fiction, her path to avoiding the mary sue dilemma was to write a new female character - a strong woman of the grasslands - who (eventually) marries a canon, but obscure character - Garulf, who is killed at the Fords of Isen, allowing his horse, Hasufel, to be available to be loaned to some guy named Aragorn.

We have been bemoaning the lack of Eomer's bright-as-the-morning-star presence in the movies together, but she has been especially crushed by Hasufel's good grey self being replaced by the upstart Brego. Today, however, a line was crossed I am not sure she will recover from. I share part of her note with you:

... I had to pause the DVD to attend to a phone call from my boss. Another interruption or two later I resumed play, and as it does after being paused for an extended period, the DVD had to reload, which at times causes it to resume with the subtitles on the screen. It was at the scene of the burning of the Westfold, where Éothain and his little sister are put on the horse by their mother. Now mind you, I have never been able to completely understand what the little girl is saying, only something to the effect that "he is too big (the horse, I assumed).

Well, according to the subtitles, the little girl says, "Papa says Éothain must not ride Gárulf. He is too big for him."

I feel your pain. Honestly. Just ignore the snickering as I picture what this might have meant...