January 7th, 2004

daves hand

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The Theme of the Week at Rightclick! Lick! is "Hands"
(MrKinch, you should check this out!)

Ahh, I am a sucker for hands.... and eyebrows....
Jim has the *best* eyebrows....

They only take actors, or I would show the amazing hands of Dave Carter, and the beautiful hands of Chris Smither, (my image of Halbarad...)

(but you knew this...) David
little brown bird

hey, that's not Faramir....

So, I might have gotten a little carried away howling for Faramir the other night, and redpanda mentioned she feels the same about Eomer. .. and you see, I have this friend, nessime...

ladies, I feel your pain.
(I apologize for the quality of the scans, but I am thrilled to be able to do this at all at the moment. I am using a process similar to one Robin once described as being blindfolded and using chopsticks at the salad bar...)

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little brown bird


Great interview with John Noble on being Denethor...
and thanks to Seasalt who pointed me to it this morning after putting up with my meanderings last night.

In spite of what it sometimes looks like, I am a Denethor fan (if a grudging one). The fact that I take him over the coals as I examine how I feel about him seems only fair to me...

His free-fall descent into madness is the engine that powers a large part of my writing, even when he is nowhere to be seen on the surface.

And I am coming to understand John Noble's Denethor little by little. I made the image I posted last night because wondered if, after all, he had understood that Faramir *was* the fire of his flesh, and he had had the misfortune to miss it -- (well, I really want to babble about this, but it is built in to the bloody palantir story, so close to done, and I sense myself about to give it all away, as I so often do, so I will stop there for now.)

I like what I am able to work with in PJ's Faramir and in Noble's Denethor -- But my heart is screaming the way it was the night I wrote Breathe because baby Faramir was getting dunked in Anduin too hard for my heart --

it's this:

... and silly bloody Faramir wants to go off and write poetry or something...

I want it on the record *NOW* that when silly, bloody Faramir goes off to hide in poetry and philosophy, he does so in much the same manner as Marcus Aurelius did. It does not interfere in the least with what makes him a good soldier, or a good commander...it makes him a stronger, more well rounded man and a thoughtfull leader