January 23rd, 2004

little brown bird

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Stolen fromlannamichaels

Dangerous - as most of you know Chris usually has to staple my paws to the porch to get me *not * to post a thousand words of notes about a hundred word story....

Ask a question about a story I've written, or pick a scene -- and I'll give you the "What the hell was I thinking?" commentary thing--though you might want to specify characters, or storyline, or plot. (You can ask more specific questions as well.) If you want spoilers for fics I'm working on, or are curious about what I'm thinking about storywise now, I might consider answering those, too.

New things out here are (hopefully) in my memories section, and the main body of crazyness is on my page you can ask about the lightbringers if you want, or why I am considering that there might be stuff worth saving in fourty year old journals....
little brown bird

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because I am tired and shameless, I have added the *hugs* counter to my user info page. Please come by and leave me some, or it will be worse than if I didn't know

(do I sound pathetic enough?)

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for those of you who know Nessime from HASA, and those who don't, but like good stories about the Rohirrim and think Hasufel was robbed in the movies, and even for those who only knew she was appalled that Eothain can't ride Garulf because he is too big...

she has been convinced to join us here, and though I don't know if she has been posting yet, she does have a spot, and her user name is edrys.

C'mon in, Ness! We don't bite unless we are invited...

Let me know if you need graphics help!