January 24th, 2004

little brown bird

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Chris, Jim and I got a huge pile of silvery round things for yule, and this is movie weekend. Tonight we watched about 7 hours of Anime - some cowboy bebop, some saiyuki, and voices from a distant star. Tomorrow may include watching pillow talk and down with love together - compare and contrast, or it may be ned kelly (zone 4) or ... oh, who knows- we just got season one of 'allo 'allo delivered, so it could be a strange day indeed... I have been sitting with my powerbook on my lap sorting a huge monster pile of graphics, and sort of monitoring the lj over the airport. But, it is not conducive to writing, which needs the same language processing parts of my brain as listening. So, I may be slow catching up to answers I owe. Nessime, that means we are here, so if you need graphics/set up help, just give us a call.

That said, I am going to answer what I *think* is the short question from my story meme first - nothing about Denethor is ever short with me (though I am often short with him)

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little brown bird


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