February 20th, 2004

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sketch icons - aragorn and boromir

requested homework

kortirion suggested I use Boromir or Aragorn for my subjects as I try to figure out how to get that pencil sketch effect I used to fake for concert posters using photoshop 7. So, I did. Hey, someone should get something out of it.

Actually, we both did, because I now have pages and pages of notes on what I was doing, but 2 reasonably reliable ways to get the effect I was after. If I can incorporate the coloured pencil look, I will be a happy camper.

Here are some icons - I have not added them to the *available* page at my website, but they are available to those of you who come here. (I am also updating the available icons on my site, but it is in progress, so a few are showing up at a time...)

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little brown bird

found tarot - the hermit

The Hermit

The Hermit represents a time of introspection, a meditation on the information you have gathered to make sense of it, a regrouping of your strengths and energies so that you will reemerge energized, strengthened and vital.

I love this image for the ideal - the strength to make mountains out of your own hands, forming both a barrier and a hideaway, knowing you have the power to release that grasp at need or will.

Wisdom, Guidance, Maturity. The Hermit is willing to be perceived as strange and different in order to sort through things as they must be perceived.

being introspective, thinking things over, concentrating less on the senses, looking for answers within, going on a personal quest, desiring a new direction, receiving/giving guidance, accepting/offering wise counsel, turning to/being a trusted teacher

seeking solitude, appreciating stillness, giving up distractions
little brown bird

eomer icons

You're Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! You are in
your own world, but why does that have to be a
bad thing? Just make sure you can get up after
you trip...
Of The Many Great Ones, Which Beatles Song Are You?
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But really, I am Here, There and Everywhere
And occasionally You've Got To Hide Your Love Away...

I posted my How To for the Photoshop sketch project here. I hope you can follow it, and I will be happy to answer questions if I can...

I used Eomer, for you, Ness. He was not as cooperative as Aragorn, but still, a lovely well behaved boy...

the Icons: