March 10th, 2004

little brown bird

prince faramir / grond icons

One of the icon games I play in posted this cap as our picture of the week. It's by far the best quality/clarity clip of Faramir in ROTK that I've seen. It was posted here by indilime if you want to grab it - he's standing next to some blonde woman in the full cap.

I also made two attempts at Grond icons, but I would be grateful if someone has good Grond caps to share. I can't wait till dvd - what I am chasing is almost never among the caps that get passed around early.

little brown bird

icon drabbles

I spent part of the day shuffling my avatars, and then, as so often happens, by a bolt of serendipity I saw this Icons Meme: from ponderosa121

Pretty simple. Pick one of my icons, and I will attempt to write a drabble about it - as close to 100 words as I can manage.

I am not going to promise I will be able to do them, but it seems like a good way to try and break out of the slump I feel like I'm in. Or to keep me from working on the two real stories. Whichever. So if you want to play this game, go ahead and ask.

Because I shuffle my avatars so often, I won't even hold you to what's loaded - besides, I loaded very silly ones today. If you remember one, or saw one I made, or know where my secret stash is - go ahead. If you ask for slash, you are probably not going to get it...

if this works, maybe we could try to do them for each other...
little brown bird

speculation on what we might get in the EE-ROTK

this german site is being touted as a list of scenes that will be in the Extended ROTK. My german is rudimentary at best, but *I think* it's actually speculation on what we might get in the EE-ROTK, based on stills and clips that this guy has collected that never made it into the film cut.

BUT - it has a few stills I had never seen - (from european sources?) - and *this* terrific production shot I have never seen before of Aragorn and Richard Taylor carrying a *big plastic bag of skulls...*