March 23rd, 2004

little brown bird


You are Hurin!
You are Hurin! Steadfast and true! You understand
how enemies minds work, and are not easily
fooled. You are an Adan of the first house.
Enduring and noble, embody every great quality
of the house of Hador.

What first age(middle earth) hero are you?(with pictures!)
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I couldn't manage anything but Finrod, Beren or Hurin, who comes up for my real first choices. I wish I could see the other choices on this one...

Chris made lovely low carb pot roast last night, and only slightly illeagle cream of chicken soup. We watched Velvet Goldmine and vol.2 of Saiyuiki. Both great. yum.
little brown bird

Snow Sprite

Snow Sprite
Unique, mystical, insightful and beautiful
You are a Snow sprite. Mysterious, and alluring you
naturally attract people to you, your like a
people magnet even though you most often wish
to be alone. Your love for cold climates and
snow has given you an insight into the beauty
few see. While most see bland white you see a
forest or blanket of sparkling white beauty. To
you life is something precious and you intend
to figure out its mysteries. You are very
mature and don't waste your intelligence on
childish games or people not worth your time
which can make you seem arrogant at times but
you are really just intent on saving your time
for better things. Your soul is very beautiful
if not a little shut up, you keep your emotions
hidden from everyone and therefore they don't
know what your capable of. You are a living

.::=What type of mythical Sprite are you?=::. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
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little brown bird


so, I stayed up all night, making myself feel fragile and brittle. Then I felt myself loosing my grip on the image that is central to my hearts own mythology. And then my hugs counter just - disappeared. One minute I had 500 hugs - the next I had only the broken image box. Now I have a visible counter again, but only 3 hugs.

Pouts. I hate omens.

Slinks off to eat meatloaf, reminding self that three is a magic number....

oh, here's a meme-y thing. How many of the things you list in your interests have no link (meaning just lonely old you....) I seem to have seventeen. That seems like another omen. thinks about changing my user interests...