June 13th, 2004

dave carter

credit - who gets it

ok. let me say at the outset I have no intention of pursuing this, I just feel the need to share, facepalm, and maybe bang my head into the keyboard a little.

So over at the icon game ncis_contest, they just posted the challenge for this week:
This week, since I'm time-challenged, we're going to do a lyrics contest. You can use any NCIS photo or screencap for your icon, but it must have some of the following lyrics on it: I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain -Jeff Buckley- (with lyrics following)

It is a great song. But this pushes a big button for me. You can prefer a particular version of a song, but you *can't* attribute it to the cover artist. It's wrong, and this is in the icon community - a community becoming infamous for instances of the icon maker, every brush maker and and sometimes also the blank makers all insisting on being credited on a single icon (which is, after all, in most cases made from someone else's photo or film.)

I left this message:
great song - by TIM Buckley, though
(Sorry, I work with musicians, and it's a pet peeve of mine to see songs attributed to the cover singers, ((even if it is his son.)) It happened in three of my icon games! If I seem overly cranky think about this - do you ask for credit if someone uses your icons?)

And I received this message right away:
There's a change in the lyrics there from the Tim Buckley version, which is why it's attributed to Jeff. S'all. It's one thing if I was using the original, but I'm not. So, it's going to remain Jeff.

OK -- I find that answer offensive, at least in it's tone. I think I tried to keep my own tone civil.

Just because I can, I am going to post the Tim Buckley lyrics as I just pulled them off the web (I am holding the LP on my lap, but the lyric is just as I remember it. I have it playing in my itunes as well, looking for any differences. So far I am not spotting them.

As I said, not going anywhere with this, but here in my own journal I want to say - it pisses me off. We write fanfic, we make vids, we make icons, and other fan art, and we want credit - a valid desire - for our work, inspiration, interpretation, and execution. But we don't claim what isn't ours.

I may be overly sensitive to this because I work with musicians. And I see Folk, Americana and singer-songwriter dismissed as not important. I have run into this repeatedly. Great versions, seminal versions - ok. Authorship? no.

Jeff Buckley did not write his dad's songs. Sarah McLaughlin did not write Lightfoot's Song For A Winter's Night. Rufus, however good, did not write Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Bette Midler did not write Julie Gold's From a Distance or Wind Beneath my Wings.

Ok, so we are *not* going to pick a fight in the community. But will someone tell me what amazing change I am missing in these lyrics:

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