July 28th, 2004


At The End Of The Tunnel

For Alawa's birthday. She requested: I’d love to have something Aragorn and Halbarad –– or something to feed my pyre and beacon obsession.
here, a slightly different use of your requested symbols….

At The End Of The Tunnel

It was not the door that kept men from entering the paths, but the wall. Ice, fear, darkness - they squeezed a mans heart at the thought of that first step, into the unknown.

But, bone and blood forged in the north, the grey company understood these things and knew they could be faced. If any man could hold up a light for them to follow, the men of the north would not falter.

Last of the old blood, we stared into the abyss, saw our truth, and held aloft our light - the flame of his beacon; my pyre.

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