August 15th, 2004

little brown bird

mathoms #1

these are not really mathoms, because they were actual presents for me - but I do want to share them.

here is the envelope and card on my birthday present from Lee and Annaliese. I haven't opened the package yet, because I am all about the suspense. But I love the envelope so much, I had to share it. It's an entire story. I have been playing with it all day. G? Not Funky Bootie Bomb? And I just now opened the card because I knew I would want to share it.

*hugs to my Lee and Annaliese.*

little brown bird

mathoms #2

this mathom came to me from helveticat who I met out here in my tarot based wanderings. She has captured the sweet part of summer, where the heat is a haze in the distance. I would tell you how over talented she is, but she is a fellow leo, after all---

little brown bird

mathom #3

When I first was cajoled out here, I was hesitant about it - you probably can't tell from the way I go on in print, but am am extremely shy around new people.

seleneheart was one of the first people to step up and welcome me, and she did it by telling me she had read River of Fallen Stars. Recently she told me it was at FFNet, which earned her extra points. How she found my Faramir in such a huge place is boggling to me.

I am falling behind out here as Jim and I gear up to go North on Monday, so I almost missed this. Almost. But little Faramir has a way of calling to me wherever he is. It is a lovely speculation about Finduilas, and her way of making sure her boy would get what *he* needed. Many thanks for thinking of me.

Wizards Pupil

(almost) mathom #4

</blockquote>kortirion didn't mean this one for me, but that won't stop me from taking it on my own.

I am going to claim a moment of mid-wifery, and then recommend it in the name of Boromir and Dave Carter, two glorious Leos who are not here to speak up for themselves at the moment, but are hopefully blowing out candles together somewhere tonight.

The Sky Wept Diamonds

Dave Again

Because I am in the middle of corrupting kortirion's vision. And because -- well, you know.

Gentle Soldier Of My Soul
© 1999 Dave Carter / Dave Carter Music (BMI)

my love has gone all upon the crimson trail
his drum at dawn beating brimstone through the veil
clear light through smoke and ash
and balmy seas, where breakers crash and roll
gentle soldier of my soul

he lays me down in his garden growin bed
he weaves a crown, twigs and feathers for my head
he sings the fields awake
and folds me in the love that makes me whole
gentle soldier of my soul

when i have passed through the forest of my trails
and stand at last where the shadows run for miles
we'll ride on ponies fine
with painted shields through fields of shining gold
gentle soldier of my soul
little brown bird

icons, again

I guess it's because I am packing that I have this urge to clear everything away. Or maybe it's simpler. I had four conversations about incons in the last twenty four hours that have made me want to inflict a couple of things on you. (G)

One was a runaway hit, One I love so much I can't leave it till I get home, One is so silly I have been panting to share it (It was also quite a runaway hit) and One Jim and I did together, and there were so few entries in its game that I don't think it will ever be posted, and I am in the mood to share it.

On the other hand, I was told by someone critiquing my icons in general, that my placement of text is ineffective, and that the quality of my pictures is "goopy." Lee, I want not only your artist's eye, but your eye as another mac user - what is goopy, and how do I fix it? Does it have anything to do with the very frustrating fact that I have to make my icons too light for my Mac screen to get them to look right in Windows? or is it picture quality set too low? I would like to PNG, but most of my games won't accept them. One of the icons mentioned happen to be Jim's actually - the one on this post was mentioned specifically for the flares being out of place. (ok, I know I sound snarky but I really do want to know )

Anyway - this one was a big hit:

And this is the one I did myself in with, even though I don't expect it to get noticed - it was a general challenge for *war*

This is the companion to my Serenity icon (favorite enemy)

Jim and I did this for a challenge at lotr_ic for the Seven Deadly Sins. There are two other sets posted, and both of them have choices in them that make me crazy (typical!) as these may you. No notes on why, or which of us did what, until you have seen them cold:

And, this bit of sillyness that I fell in love with while I was working on it. I had to do a song set, 10 to 20 icons. I dropped a different (cowboy) idea midway to do this, and I blame dinner at Friday's and their muzak, after seeing Thunderbirds. If I get the song stuck in your head - I'm sorry, but that is sort of the idea:

goopy or not, that last one is going into my rotation!