September 12th, 2004


brothers in arms

On Friday night, Jim and I went to see Garnet Rogers. It has been a while since I last saw him play live (probably since he played for us, with Greg Brown). The power of his music always overwhelms me, and that big big voice. He also taps into a personal mythology that uses symbols very close to the ones I use, so I not only get his stories from his music, I get mine.

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i can't look...

you always embarass the one you love....

Not too many of you know this (though there was some speculation when the first pictures of Bean in his Troy wig appeared), but when the Bros. Mir were young, there was a huge Queen revival in Gondor.... (honestly, is that Brian May and Roger Daltry's Love Child?)

I can't promise there isn't a Killer Queen of the Desert cd cover in the works....

In the Spring, there was a half hour interview show with David on Aussie tv. Because my friends are the best, avon7 taped it for me.

Jim and I are currently trying to learn to transfer PAL tapes to a digital form that can be shared. So far the experiment is not good, quality wise, and everything sounds like it was taped in a motor boat. But, off this terrible transfer, I was able to take some (ok, lots) of caps of David's interview, with accompanying clips from the OZ press and a small but choice selection of very very early David. ("Please, no more from the vault," he groans at one point.)

So inside you will find some shots of David in The Crucible
(yes, that's what that really is) and also a few interview shots, just because, you know, his face...

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