September 20th, 2004



The only book which doesn't take place in Narnia at all, per se, you're the story of a voyage to find the end of the world and hopefully the Seven Lost Lords (remember Rhoop!). You contain some of the most unique people and places and beautiful descriptions of the whole series.

Find out which Chronicles of Narnia book you are.

Dawntreader is my favorite book in the series. But the reason I am posting this meme is to make my inkling-confession - I'm the odd man out. I don't love the Narnia books.

I like some parts of them quite a lot. Like Reepicheep, I discovered some years ago when three quarters of my friends moved to california that I find all I seek here in the utter East.

It's that damned last book. It's end. You know that of which I speak.

I HATE it. It ruined the entire series for me. I have not forgiven it yet.

so not politically correct... 1958

Soooo 1950's! Think I should post these to the retro pinups line?

With my Aunt Marion (in black, married to my mother's brother Donny) and my Aunt Eileen (my mother's sister). I think the girls were being photographed to send photos to their husbands in the navy (this is just post Korea) How I got involved, I don't recall, but it was the thing to do in those days. So - my pudgy pinups.... There are worse than this, really. But when we were scanning the slides, Jim named this "Lawn Trollops" and cracked me up.

Don't we look like a retro Target ad?