October 15th, 2004


from the joycamp of minipax

obviously, I have taken too much nyquil. I slept almost 20 hours, and I could swear I heard someone say "armies of compassion."

I have been dreaming weird dreams, many of which seem to be about trying to fix things in the real world with photoshop, but not being able to load the correct tools.

Happy birthday, faramir_boromir. I decided not to inflict nyquil prose on you in the form of a drabble, so this is an iou.

And happy belated birthday to jommy. I hope the day brought you the kind of joy you bring to all of us when you share your talent.
little brown bird

visual moment

trying to get my brain back on, so I was poking at some graphics for some of my icon games. For one of them, I am working with this cap:

and it just struck me how, in one of the earliest shots we see of Frodo, he's holding the fingers of his hand.....