April 9th, 2005

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Last night, the connection went out at 7:24. We tried restarting (modem, router, etc etc,)
Jim says : I have had to restart this modem more in the month we have had it than I had to restart the previous one in two years.

I call, and they tell me in a chipper voice, Yes, they know I have no service. They are experiencing a *nationwide* outage. They think someone must be working on it, but they can't tell me what happened, or when my connection might be back.

It was the chipper little voice that plunged the knife in. I know there is no point in being surly with minions of this low level, but dear god, she sounded so proud when she said NATIONWIDE! They could at least tell them what the script they are reading means.

currently contemplating what could cause a nation wide outage. Jim's first guess was technical, but my first guess is someone pushed the big button marked "do not push"

NPM - Fannie Stearns Davis

Souls by Fannie Stearns Davis

My Soul goes clad in gorgeous things,
Scarlet and gold and blue,
And at her shoulder sudden wings
Like long flames flicker through.

And she is swallow-fleet, and free
From mortal bonds and bars.
She laughs, because Eternity
Blossoms for her with stars!

O folk who scorn my stiff gray gown,
My dull and foolish face,
Can ye not see my Soul flash down,
A singing flame through space?

And folk, whose earth-stained looks I hate,
Why may I not divine
Your Souls, that must be passionate,
Shining, and swift as mine?
meeting of minds

icon post

I'm using a new method of organizing my icons for current challenges into one spot. It's easier for me to save, post and corral them, but a little scary to see how many collect in a week if I find a lot of the games interesting.

I'll probably post more here than I previously have - just because they're easier to find. And things may not show up on the "available icon" pages for a week or so after they show up here - but you are still welcome to them unless I mark it * No! No! Mine! Mine! Mine! *

but I wanted to show off the first three, because although they went completely unnoticed where they competed (as almost always happens when I please myself) I totally love them. And I'm so jazzed at the way the third one turned out that I am posting the original crop to show off the work. (actually the original Legolas crop was worse - one of those blue green added Lorien shots. But I happen to have saved the Faramir as a separate file.)

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