September 16th, 2005


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On my way to bed, AMC just began a show about the film sanitizing industry (like familyflix, etc)

I am appalled

Obviously, I have no objection to people editing their own copies or skipping anything they want. In particular, edit them for your own kids - That's your job (why is someone else always censoring what parents ought to be doing?)

I can't believe people are concerned about fanfic and not this wholesale dismemberment of someone's work. -Plus - do you really believe they are buying an unexpurgated copy for every one they desecrate? I'm having trouble with that. So, it's ok to ignore all those FBI warnings at the begining of the disc if you're christian?

I especially love the mother complaing about ratings creep - I took my 10 year old to a movie rated PG13 and I found the language inappropriate; we had to leave. So the ratings system isn't doing its job.....

takes antacid and goes to bed