October 8th, 2005

little brown bird


mostly I'm soliciting an opinion from leemoyer, but anyone can play...

As we were falling asleep last night, for no apparent reason I put down The Council of Elrond and said to notarysojac:

If P. G. Wodehouse had written Harry Potter, he would have been Harry Potter-Purbright. (We did not speculate whether he would be related to Catsmeat)

jim replied: I'd probably be more interested in them then.

We then got into a sleepy "argument" over the PBS version. Jim ventured that he thinks Stephen Fry would be Dumbledore and Hugh Laurie would be someone else, possibly Snape. I am in the reverse camp - Stephen Fry (as Jeeves, of course) as Snape, and I am ok with Hugh Laurie as (Bertie) Dumbledore - though I would pay to see him as Lucius.
little brown bird


For the Poetry muse challenge at tolkien_weekly
It's me, so you already know it's Ardaverse, G rated and canon conscious. surprisingly enough, this one is movie!verse. There is subtext in the title, for those of you who have been following my crackpot theories about symbolism.

All of Arda is the professor's. I just write you postcards when I am there.

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I love my mailman. And it's spillover from you guys --

Packages in the post today! Yay!!

media from myth_adventure - I can't wait to compare it to the process I've been using - though it may lead me down the path of madness as I replace the old bits of my collection. Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness!

And jim found my book lying about with a bookmark in it. ??? I've never seen you use a bookmark for reading he said - just marking your research pages.

(I have this weird habit that I developed as a child - when I put my book down, I just remember the page number. It is obviously a skill related to when I developed it, because these days I can't remember what I went down the hall for, (especially embarrassing if it was meant to be a bathroom trip) or an entire phone number at one go - though I can tell you my phone number from when I was in kindergarten (FReeport 8-7858) or my id card number from college)

AHA! I showed him. This is not a place keeper - this is a companion! Two companions, really, because the bookmark itself is my sweet Faramir, and because it came to me from kortirion. So, my compass and companion...

*North pokes me*
"I'm supposed to be the compass" she huffs. And what is Faramir doing with that ring?"

Ah, North - we all know the answer to that. Faramir isn't doing *anything* with that ring, silly girl.

And as to the other -- you'll get your turn.

"And you tell Melleth- *as if* she she's going to come the beach as a housekeeper! My boy knows who his real family is! She is a *guest*" *goes to get her room ready*

**hugs Kortirion**