May 6th, 2006

crash landing

canon trauma

It's no surprise to anyone that I prefer my personal fandom to be canon, or that I'm opinionated as hell about things that I've spent a lot of time thinking about. I get emotionally bent over things that don't seem to bother anyone else (the last one being a wallpaper of triumphant Boromir at Osgilliath that used the text of Faramir's "I do not love the bright sword" speech).

When I encounter icon postings based on things with an internal logic of their own, (like tarot) I frequently don't agree with the interpretation, but I'm usually intrigued by the choices. I even get that there are certain cards (death, the lovers) which fool people who aren't readers.

I am boggled, however, when people don't seem to put any thought into matching the concept, just the word (which they don't, by their choice, seem to understand) and a picture. And even more boggled when people squee over them...

So, on my graphics list today, there was an LoTR posting of the Seven Deadly Sins. I get that people have looser interpretations now... but what the hell was behind your decision to label the apparition of Arwen kissing Aragon "LUST"