June 15th, 2006

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Performance Enhancing Adornments for the Adventurous Man
By Burton Silver and Heather Busch
"The koki is the little paper costume or adornment that wraps the penis in preparation for him to offer his special gift to his lover."

obviously, I need a new icon

make sure to check out the available koki's, and check yourself or a loved one for measurements

I am partial to the squid, even though the steam train might be apropos for my "engineer that could." Perhaps the space shuttle is a good compromise?
treasure trail

Foreskin Restoration Will Improve Your Sex Life!

semyaza just posted a great link to the Tug Ahoy site.
(melleth, guess who I'm forwarding it to)

Make sure to scroll down to "Don't try this at home! That's two gallons of milk!" (hopefully, he won't see a squirrel while wearing this)


The Tug Ahoy name made me decide tell you that I once needlepointed several pins about the size and shape of a tie clasp for a friend, using the signal flags for boating. His favorite was the combination "I'm on fire" and "I need a tug."