September 17th, 2008

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Writer's Block: Over-the-Top Metaphors

Detective stories are stereotypically full of over-the-top metaphors: "The villain's hand stroked the cat the way his sins stroked his black soul. His voice, rough as the city's nighttime streets and twice as terrifying, barked orders to his lackeys. They scattered like parents who just realized they forgot to pick up a child from school." Write a short scene using some of your own extreme metaphors and similes.

The closest I've ever come to writing detective fiction was years ago, when leemoyer and I passed the time on a roadtrip by developing a mini-outline for a short story to be called Murder On The Two-Man Luge. The luge speeds down the track, and upon arriving at the bottom, it is discovered that the man in back has been killed.

It has no good metaphor to tie it to this challenge, but it does have this moment of homage: the investigating officer looks over the scene and exclaims, "Round up the usual suspects."
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The Fictional Character Letter Meme

# 1. Comment on this post
# 2. I will give you a letter
# 3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your LJ.

przed gave me F. (I wonder who she could have been thinking of?)
and inspired me with her use of lovely pics.....

One of my few influences that actually predate Faramir is The Fox. (In my head, Zorro is always Guy Williams.)

He had a huge impact on me - I've never been the kind of girl that falls for the bad guy, but because of Zorro and Bagheera I have always been drawn to the "dark guardian" - he *looks* like he could be the dangerous one - in fact, you ought to be considering if you will be devoured. But he's totally trustworthy if he's on your side, and even with his enemies, you still can't fault his sense of justice..... and devouring can be a good thing.

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