April 1st, 2009

oh bother....

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As seen on the kaluta list:

Here's a Sneak Peek for you on the list: it's not been announced yet, but here's the cover for the first IDW issue of the new new old Starstruck comic... colors by Lee Moyer, title Logo by Todd Klien
(using my scribble upteen years ago, but I only pointed the way...)

There'll be 12 more covers for the IDW run... eeep! I'd better get to work!


Apparently the first issue will be out in August, 2009... it has the GGG as a backup (many never-before published pages inked by Charles Vess, plus the pages that appeared as back up in The Rocketeer Adventure Magazine.

The Starstruck pages that appear in these 13 books are the Dark Horse Expanded Universe stories (with all the pages lengthened so they fit the Comic Book Format... the GGG pages will remain as originally drawn, since any lengthening would have had to have Charles V inking them... I'll not put him through THAT!!!)

The series is monthly... yike!!!!


PS: indeed, there will be some Starstruck Beefcake Covers, too :)

Yes, that's our leemoyer in the credits....

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