July 1st, 2009


for shuttergal... (and ok, the rest of you)

Scottish actor Alan Cumming has been confirmed as Norm Osborn/The Green Goblin in Julie Taymor's ambitious new Spider-man musical.

The actor will play the villain of SpiderMan: Turn Off the Dark on Broadway next February, opposite Evan Rachel Wood, who will portray the SpiderMan alter-ego Peter Parker's love interest Mary Jane Watson in the production, which will feature new music composed by U2 stars Bono and The Edge.

There's still no word on who will play the lead, but Wood is keen to land her Across The Universe co-star Jim Sturgess as the singing web-slinger, stating recently, "I really want him to do it."

Taymor directed Wood and Sturgess in the Beatles musical movie.

Playing the Green Goblin onstage won't be the first time Cumming has coloured himself up for a role - he went blue to play Nightcrawler in X-Men sequel X2.