April 30th, 2011

bowl of cherries


On tv they are showing clips from today's royal wedding. (I am watching only to see how many bad hats I can spot)

Speaking about Kate's hair, the voice over exclaims: That's all her! There is not one extension!

Jim turns to me and asks- "What about William?
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The Friday Five for 29 April 2011...

Since it is after midnight, it is no longer William and Kate's wedding day, but my anniversary.

This is not the anniversary we make a fuss over (it's our legal anniversary, but we make more fuss for our handfasting anniversary.) Jim (notarysojac) and I have been together since 1977, so I feel competent to answer these questions.

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truth in advertising

Our local ice cream truck is currently stopped in front of my apartment. Actually, it's an italian ice truck, but you know what I mean....

I am forced to wonder why the jangly music our truck plays is La Cucuracha.