August 18th, 2011

spread your wings


I encountered this article about fusion power several time while reading my friends list.

I don't think too many of you know that when Jim (notarysojac) and I first got together, he was assigned to Princeton to work on TOKAMAK. I used to come down to stay with him. I started rearranging my schedule so I had a long weekend, then I took both late night shifts so I had 4 days off... and eventually, I just stopped going home. Our fusion and theirs are therefore always connected in my mind.

I remember the Carter years with joy - fusion was getting funding, there were solar panels in the white house, Science (and especially Space) wasn't a dirty word....

Reagan *ripping out* the white house solar panels has become my symbol much of what followed. (I want to smack people who tell me - you should have started with solar in the 70's. Hello - *ripped out!*")

I was lucky though - I have Jim, and a memory that few get - of having a president they were actually proud of.

It would be nice to see safe fusion come about at last.
i can't look...


I have been wondering for about half an hour what the hell the upstairs neighbors (vacuuming woman, etc.) were doing to make that noise.

It finally got close enough to resolve as thunder.......