May 22nd, 2016

enjoy everything yotsuba


I wanted to update you guys on how I'm doing, but I've been debating how much I want to have posts about it loose on the internet. Certainly, I feel more secure about posts here than over on F*book, even though most of my actual family is there (the only reason I put up with it).

So, here's what I feel comfortable saying, and please feel free to email me (powzie @

My first follow-up was with my regular gp. That went really well.
My hemoglobin was up to 10.5, which is nearly into a normal range for women, and almost twice what it was when I was admitted. They still had to stick me about 2 dozen times to get any blood to do the tests, though it was much better than in the hospital because Lou knows me as a person, and actually cared that she was hurting me. (Not that I didn't have some wonderful nurses in the hospital, but Lou is also a friend.)

My second follow up was with my specialist, and that also was better than expected. She couldn't find any sign of current bleeding, and the implant seems well and truly in place now. She actually said everything looks "great" which was more than I expected her to say. I actually feel really good now, and hopefully that will continue.

The not so good was that the tests show another problem. It isn't a big deal at the moment, and fortunately for me, the first treatment recommended for it is the implant I just got, so in a way I am ahead of the game. I will see her again in 2 months, and hope things go well enough to avoid surgery.

Now, maybe a little writing to keep my mind occupied.....