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post festivities check in

In one of those cycles the universe holds for us, I (who am not at my most comfortable on the phone, but I do have some people I can't resist,) have spent what seems like the entire last 72 hours on the phone. Robin and Terry, if you see this - you are the only phone people I missed!

Included in the marathon was a very long comic-con report, called in by Lee, who was in the midst of it on the floor when he called. Alas, no LOTR news to share - Lee's news, while exciting to us, was about the various artists he was shmoozing with. I am both very jealous that I wasn't there, and very relieved not to have been in the mob. Story of my life.

Annaliese shuttergal has threatened to post a recipe called "Coffee Granita with Boromir Syrup."

Julia edrys and I talked story, review, music and more.

Chris elladans_witch and I, for some reason, needed to call each other about 600 times, except when she was here making pork roast for Jim's birthday dinner present. So, I feel like I will never catch up.

Jim's birthday was fun, and he got a pile of loot you can see in his own journal - notarysojac I found him arranging and photographing the girls from the LoTR Coronation set this morning, and having generally too much fun. We are trying to decide on a spot for hadhafang.

Our plans to watch much anime did not materialize until about an hour ago, and we are curled up with Last Exile, which we both love. (I want to be Lavie if I grow up.)

I just peeked in to try and scan my flist, and was caught by the current question for theatrical muse (Tuor has been heavily lobbying to get out more lately). So, there is a new short piece in his voice at ulmos_own if you are interested. It took very little time; he was more than ready to talk tonight. I've been wondering if I want to keep this up or shut it down. Thought I was done, and now... Ah well, I suspect Tuor will talk whatever I do now.

I also had a story declined at HASA - (it was Flick's undonne birthday story. And One White Tree. )I mention this only because it came with my all time favorite declining review. It said, in part:
... I'd have had to have read Fileg's stories to realize that. You might want to put in a little note explaining Blade is Boromir...

I have never been so thrilled to get a decline in my life. I seldom think about anyone outside my own little group reading my stories, (or at least my LJ Icons.) Somebody spotted this. Someone was looking out for me! A thousand hugs, reviewer. You brightened my day. (And you are absolutely right, I should explain Blade when the story is standing alone. So, I learned something today. Woohoo!)

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