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feather fall

I lead something of a charmed fictional life, (especially when you consider that the story I love most, the work of my heart, is an unshowable au that, while not a secret, can count its occasional readers on one hand)

The greatest thrill I have writing is the sacred space, the electronic anduin, that runs through my life. There is nothing like finding bits of story and poems, ideas and song from a group you trust and cannot believe you have the fortune to be writing near, let alone with - suddenly weaving into each other, gaining the strength of shared support.

There is something in my own psyche that suddenly sees my work as more real when it spins back to me on the current of that electronic river. And I have been given that gift more often than I can convince myself is reasonable, in words and art.

I have been given another. flick undonne wrote me a story for Raven and Blade when my wingprints swept over her this week. She calls it an AU to my AU arda, but Boromir and Faramir will not seem a bit AU to you.

And though she placed this bit of creation mythology in a slighty different place than I have, she startled me by describing a place I have been with the raven many times. I don't know how you lot do that, but it amazes and sometimes frightens me. Jim's theory is that when we play about in the collective unconscious we never put our toys away.

Flick, I hope you didn't mind receiving pages of old *north* notes in return for you polished gem, but I just *had* to show you that we had taken the same snapshots when we were in Minas Tirith! **hugs**

You can find Raven's Wing here.

the shadow of a raven’s wing
the brightness of a blade
dark and light are brothers
woven in a braid…

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