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today's mail

I had an excellent mail day - a package from Outer Reaches in Canada, with three of the new action figures - The Haradrim Archer, King Elessar, and Pip in his Gondorian Armour

I should just put the figures on the scanner, this catalog page doesn't show the incredible details - Aragorn has seabird wing motifs everywhere - shoulder, greaves, vambraces - and the breastplate is like the one Harry (Isildur) wears. That IS Andúril at long last, in his hand. Pip has great buckles, and the white tree on his chest, and the Haradrim is AWESOME! He has a "wood" longbow and very detailed armour- the sword looks like bone- creepy and ceremonial.

I also received two packages with tapes of After The Deluge, converted from PAL format, and I owe someone here (I don't know if they wish to be outed, lest they be inundated with requests) a very large favor. This will be my weekend treat! TTEE and ATD at the same time! My mother warned my you could go blind!!
Tags: arda, toys

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