fileg (fileg) wrote,

the other cycle

A chance to talk with some old friends, and I have been reminded that I do in fact have another arc of stories, older and mythology rather than fandom related. More talking, and I was encouraged to show one here, so I shall.

I suppose it's a good thing I don't drink - imagine what I might be talked into.

By way of explanation: I started three stories in this arc, about ten years ago. They are retellings of stories that have to do with various mythologies, with that little spin that comes from having been in my brain. The series has been referred to as "myths we hope our children never tell" (though that does not apply to the story about eve) This one surfaced again when jim and I converted some old 400k floppies to see what was on them.

this is for persephonesbear
It is Persephone, and its working title was
nuclear winterCollapse )

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