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The Magician

taking action, doing what needs to be done, realizing your potential, making what's possible real, producing magical results, using your talents

acting consciously, knowing what you are doing and why, acknowledging your motivations, understanding your intentions

concentrating, being totally committed, applying the force of your will, feeling centered

experiencing power, making a strong impact, having vitality, creating miracles, becoming energized, feeling vigorous, being creative, mastery

This is a special card for me, a card of creative power; the ability to understand the power within and without, and make them work together; the power to make something from what looks like nothing, because of the ability to see, and recognize what that *nothing* really is.

The Magician is the bridge between the world of the spirit and the world of humanity, His upraised hands channel the energy he draws from the Earth and send it out into the worlds.

I have combined two images for this myth - the antlered baby, who speaks so much to me of innocence and the horned god, came from an old issue of The Sun. The Musician, with his incredible, almost unbelievably expressive "magician" hands, is a shot of Dave Carter I took shortly before his death last year. I was caught in the way Dave's impossibly long fingers echoed the points of the antlers, and expressed the offering of spirit so often shown in this card.

Dave did not just look the part - he was one of those conduits that form a bridge of sight between the worlds. He was a gift to this planet.

he lays me down in his garden growin bed
he weaves a crown, twigs and feathers for my head
he sings the fields awake
and folds me in the love that makes me whole
gentle soldier of my soul...
- Dave Carter

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