fileg (fileg) wrote,

Lee and Sympathy

ok, and animation, but I could not resist the pun

Lee had to call me from Oregon to let me know about this event in my own back yard. I know some of you need to see it as well.

Lee suggests (for the Bertie and Jeeves fans among you) that the song performed on the banjo will be "27 Ginger-Headed Sailors" - our party piece, ask for it by name. Actually, my favorite is to keep Lee up late and make him sing the "Not Noel Coward Song."


And here is Lee himself (at right) at an artist's dinner gathering at Comic Con. That's Roger Dean at the left. (photo by Mike Kaluta)


One of my icon games asked for an OTP icon for Cowboy Bebop this week. You guys can probably guess what I made: Bebop and Swordfish:

but Jim made this one for me - his OTP:

We spent yesterday doing laundry, which means lots of watching anime together. I would do a wrap up, but Jim already has, and I can't beat it.

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