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measuring the journey

Tim Cahill wrote that it is better to measure your journey in friends than in miles.If my friends are my miles, perhaps is is not an accident that so many years ago I took a ranger as my alter ego. The journey is extraordinary, and gets better all the time. And the markers of my road are a tale around the fire, full of characters known and loved.

I received an early birthday present from kortirion. And it came with a letter that said she was sending it early, because she didn't want to spoil my birthday if I was unhappy that she had written about Raven and North. That was the first time she made me cry, and I had not even gotten to the story. ***hugs kortirion***

Gifts of art or words are always precious to me, because they are gifts of time and thought. But taking the time to look into my arc, to get to know a character I both keep secret, and use to say the things I cannot say - to know me through that character - is also a gift of insight, of peering into me, and of bonding.

I have given North in depth to very few, less than a hand count, and they have all repaid me by giving themselves back to me. My luck is more extraordinary than hers.

This story is a place in my arc where I had never been. I can't believe she gave up this place to me, when she might have kept it for a larger audience.

But she did not. She stepped into the electronic Anduin instead.

It celebrates both Raven and Blade, and it allows North to be North. I love it, and it continues to bring me to tears. But as I told Kortirion, North has always invoked Ulmo through the salt water of her own tears, and the clear cold water of Anduin.

Go here, and read. (And remember not to hold her responsible for the AU that is North....)

In Urime

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