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art/idea recs

Here are some visuals links I think you might find interesting:

dolphin_daze is working on a tarot deck on her website. I can't give the art an A, but it is interesting and the composition of the pictures is intriguing. The ideas of the deck, however, are an A+. She has about a dozen cards posted so far. Lee, I would especially like to hear your opinion.

Monster Movie Tarot


echoriath posted this link for Sean O'Boyle's photographs: the Modern Ruin project. It took me about three clicks to realize where I had seen them before - Annaliese shuttergal had sent me there a while ago. There are two people of obvious taste, so you don't have to take my words for it - it is strange and beautiful, and very interesting.


przed wrote in her journal about seeing a documentary about Andy Goldsworthy and sent me off to track it down.

I love Andy Goldsworthy's work. He is a British Environmental Artist. I discovered him quite by accident about six years ago when I sat down (as I so often do) in the Art and Photography section of Borders when my back gave out. It was the book next to my hand and I fell in. Jim has since gotten three of his books for me - Wood, Stone, and (my favorite) A Collaboration With Nature.

He does amazing ephemeral sculptures of feathers, wood, sand, thorns... using *nothing* (with the occasional exception of ice) to hold them together. They are very zen, sort of Buddhist-Amerind in the sand painting sense and completely amazing.

I wrote in her journal that the ice fascinated me most of all, and the strength all balanced on fragility, the snap of a twig, a degree of temperature, and the center will not hold - and yet, the work is visible proof that they can, and do hold - if all work together.

She had written a drabble in the same entry about the Fellowship, and we agreed that this is the heart of both.

I found the documentary available for pre-order at Amazon, and put it in my cart.


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