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I can't remember the last time Jim took an entire week off. (They share him between two departments at work, and he is the entirety of the web crew.) When he said he was going to take the week, I was sure something would intervene. Chris and I even joked at one point that if he had to stay, I would go up with her and the kids and he would have to drive up later.

Knowing how these things go, I did not let myself believe we would actually get to Boston this week, (which is why the weekend found me still unpacked and unprepared)

The week before my birthday, they called Jim in and told him they had decided to change the network outage weekend (Between Friday morning and Monday Morning on the outage weekend I may only see him for a few hours while he catches a nap on the couch, a power shake and changes his shirt) to the weekend *of* my birthday.

Jim is constitutionally incapable of snaring even an orc with a falsehood, but managed to arrange *on vacation,* and *going to Boston* in a sentence that let them assume we would already be gone. So, they moved it back to this weekend.

He stuck to *I am on vacation until Monday*, and eventually, they decided (how nice of them) that he didn't have to come in for it, but that he had to be in extra early on Monday to fix/handle everything that got screwed up during the process. (The Monday after an outage usually begins with chemists, etc who did not follow directions and close experiments down on Friday calling Jim to report "My internet is broken" - a phrase that makes him clutch his head like a stunned monkey - and goes downhill from there)

So, having averted that - on Wednesday night, he calls to talk to his Mom at the rehab center, where she has been doing really well, and is truly enjoying the workout and feeling better. A nurse answers and tells him his mother is not a patient there, and that they have "never heard of her."

24 hours of useless calls to doctors and her friends. *No one* returns a single call. Early Friday, her boyfriend calls Jim and basically, accuses him of not calling his Mom on Thursday. (??) Oh, didn't we tell you? She got an infection in rehab, and they moved her back to the hospital. Why didn't we call her?

He gets his mother on the phone, she sounds reasonably chipper, he reminds her we are going away. She says have a good time, see you soon.

OK - people know where we are going, they have the cell phone number, her neighbor has a power of attorney to sign if she needs anything and can't. Everyone on the same page? Good. We actually go to Boston.

No one ever answers the phone again. On Wednesday night, he gets connected to the nursing station, where a nurse tells him his mom is "stable." His mom likes to take the phone off the hook, so he assumes that since no one has called us, things are ok....

So, we drive home last night and find his mom has crashed, and a series of angry messages.

The doctor (who *never* returns our calls) wanted to transfuse her, but needed the papers signed. We have him paged four times over the next few hours, but again, he never returns our calls. Jim sleeps a few hours, gets up and drives to NY without waking me.

This morning, Jim managed see the doctor at the hospital and sign the papers. They seem to be "in case she needs a transfusion sometime in the next two weeks." Why didn't they call David, who is local and has power of attorney? Mmmm... we didn't know that (yes, they did) Why didn't anyone call us on the cell phone? We could have told them that, and we could have called David. Mmmmm....we don't have your cell phone number (yes, they do.Or at least, we have left it for them about a dozen times...)

OK, you know the rest - Charlie (the boyfriend) furious that we never called him back (one inaudible message on the answering machine at home, never called the cell, insists he does not have our cell phone number, although he has called Jim at work on the cell several times to *remind* him of things we had already done.

Why didn't anyone call David? Best answer I can get is that is was Jim's responsibility.... but maybe they did and he didn't respond? Or maybe no one has his cell phone number? (last time we needed him, he had changed his cell number and never told anyone, then screamed for a week that no one had called him.)

So Jim is currently sitting with his mom, and I am waiting for him. And if you hear about murder on Long Island, that might be me.....

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