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I wear wings, too

I know I owe many of you birthday words, thanks for my own presents,Sims pr0n, impressions from Boston (see Jim's notarysojac report until I get there) and more - but I decided to give myself a last minute birthday present, and put everything on hold while I percolate about the Boston exhibit, poke at some notes, and *ta-da* collect and move all my stories to one place, and update those that need corrections and/or are floating around with updates in some copies and not in others.

I am sorry -- that means if you signed onto littlebrownbird I am spamming the life out of your list. I don't know any way to prevent that, so I suggest you filter me out till Tuesday, I should be done by then,

For those of you who have been reading the old stories and writing to me - that is devotion above and beyond the call. *hugs.* Yes, it is sort of like finding old treasure for me, as I have not read some of these for quite a while.

Since I was hip deep in Faramir stories, I want to quickly share a scan of the bead Chris elladans_witch had made for me, getting Jim to do a clean version of his art from Toronto - so, many special things about it.

It is a handmade glass bead, which was then coated with enamel and sandblasted to leave only the birds behind. The other side of the bead says North (forod) in tengwar. Better pictures after I am done moving pixels about.

*hugs again* (you know who you are...)

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