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TTee commentary

As most of you who spend time in the mail with me know, I have no problem with movie!Faramir - in fact, I am quite besotted with him, though he will never be book!Faramir for me. That's only partly to do with movie plot, it has much more to do with nearly fourty years of the image in my own head.

But, while I don't struggle with the movie interpretation of Faramir, I am getting more and more annoyed listening to the commentary from Peter, Fran and Phillipa. You made a choice, don't get all defensive about it now!

And good grief, the visuals and dialog in the movie allow me to give Faramir, in my own interpretation, in my own head - the strength I know he has, and that I *need* his mythic avatar to have. So just stop explaining, because the more you do, the more pissed off I am getting.

I am *crazed* at Peter talking about Faramir's ring temptation, which visually I never see -- and I would like to keep it that way, thanks! I watched the scene with the sword tip and the ring. I never hear the ring call Faramir by name. What I see is Frodo getting crazed

Fileg puts fingers in ears and concentrates on the sound of Faramir's voice saying "I am wise enough to know that there are some perils from which a man must flee."

I have been trying since last December to say this coherently, but here is part of a note Azalais wrote to the Henneth Annun mailing list:

given that in the EE they'd set us up with Denethor's assumption that Faramir is too weak to handle the Ring, it would have been fantastic to show F as too *strong* to contemplate taking it. Huge opportunity lost :(

That's it -- that's what I have been trying to say. Not all temptation is about giving in. Thank you, Azalais!

I just came in from watching the director's commentary, and at the end, Fran or Phillipa talks about Sam's speech - how there is still some good in this world, and goes on to say there are some things that are just inviolable, above the dark. Yes, there are - and Faramir is my avatar for that. How can you say this and not get it?

And while I am having a moment of personal melt down - Boromir in the boat is Not a dream.
ok, I think I feel better now.
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