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back on schedule?

Jim has today off, so I won't get back into my own schedule until tomorrow. Actually, probably not until next week, since I am still going through papers. I have a few more places to call and arrangements for a memorial still to sort out. I don't think Jim has actually called anyone but his immediate family, so if he can't face that soon, I should make a list and tackle that.

Did you know Social Security doesn't put you on hold? If you don't happen to get a person with an open line, the automated system you have been navigating through says "Thanks, try again. *click*" I spent 20 minutes navigating the phone system at medicaid, only to find out they won't talk to me, they need to be notified by Social Security. Meanwhile, they continue to mail medications that can't be returned. This country is so deeply into the psychology of waste that I found myself chanting "The more stitches, the less riches" while I was waiting for them. Who knew we would get Brave New World *and* 1984 at the same time? I was able to give all the piled up diabetic supplies (testing kits, gauze, etc) to someone, but all those wasted meds! Criminal!

In the midst of me soul-ranting about the people, (David) who have not been able to use a sentence that doesn't start with *Lawyer*, I had my faith in the future confirmed by two of our very young friends reaching out. Becca, in particular touched me - not quite 8 years old, she thought all on her own to write Jim a condolence letter. It is her use of language as a comforter and her awareness of people as people that moved me, (much more than our need for comfort, which is minimal. )


I had dinner with Chris last night on her way home from the State fair with her family. Terry stopped in and brought us a bag of goodies that Lee and Annaliese had sent home from Portland with Jenny sharpiechick and Liss octoberscorpio. Goodies from Comicon arrived in a Sky Captain bag, tres cool, and among the loot is a huge Sky Captain poster. Good Golly, the art on this monster is awesome. My inclination is to pop it right in a frame, so I had Jim measure it: 25 1/8 by 36 1/8. We both burst out laughing - you see, Lee is infamous in his own right for weird sizes, and for working right to the edge of the page so that nothing can ever be rematted for framing without advanced math coming into play. it made everything so connected.

It is a beauty, and if Jim had not just flattened it in his portfolio, I would post a pic. Now you'll have to wait until I frame it. (damn thing does not want a mat, either - it is perfect as is. hmmmmm.)


If it looks like I un-friended you recently, what I have actually done is moved all my graphics related people over to my graphics journal's f-list. (powzie) Writing related links will move over to the littlebrownbird sometime soon. I have tried using filters, but I am just always crazed that I might be missing something. I know this doesn't seem different, but somehow it is working for me in a very satisfying way.


Numerous people on the graphics side of my friends list have been doing a meme where you explain/discuss your icons. I have been totally fascinated by this, and I may fall for doing it myself.

In the meantime, it has made me think about my icons, what I am missing, what is old and tired, what should be swapped out...

what do you think, guys? Any suggestions? You can use my shared icons (or private stash, if you have that link) as a guide, but what am I just plain missing the boat on? What are you sick of?

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