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art, running in my family

When we were in Boston, we managed to reconnect with friends we have not seen for far too long. I am still hoping to tell some of these stories and maybe clean a few pictures, but in the meantime, let me post briefly about art

back when Jim and I were *cough* dating, His college friend Scott was the first of his friends that I met. He was nice to me right away, and I have never forgotten that, even when we got to be old and comfortable friends ourselves.

Scott (sunspiral) designed and made the Pillar of Flame bases for this years Hugo Awards- I have always wanted one, but never as much as this year. So Beautiful! At least we have a picture (when we had dinner in Boston, the design was still a secret)

check out the rest of his website, for his art, photography, glass, and furniture work. And, of course, his Tarot project. (It runs in my family, too)

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