fileg (fileg) wrote,

my inner fairie

You are Tinkerbell, WORST of all of the villanous
Disney women. I kid you not. Let's just look at
the facts.

Tinkerbell begins her part in the story by trying
to kill Wendy by dropping her from several
hundred feet in the air onto some sharp, nasty
rocks. When this fails, she attempts to get the
Lost Boys to /shoot/ Wendy, telling them that
she's a bird they can roast and eat.

Later on, she betrays her ten year old fantasy
lover Peter Pan and all his friends for playing
house with Wendy, nearly getting all of them
killed by way of first, a bomb, second,
drowning, and third, by the sword.

Despite all this, she is still one of the most
beloved characters for her cherubic face, body
a la madonna, and glitzy glam, being allowed to
open most disney shows and movies for many,
many years, and also getting to close them too.

Based on this, we find it likely that you are a
notorious social climber. A real backstabber
who always gets their way, and knows how to use
good looks as a weapon, you bitch.

Which Disney Bitch are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I have come up TInks on three random quizes now. *considers needing an icon*

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