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gender genie

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Go to the Gender Genie. Submit 5 (or more) pieces of writing (fiction, non fiction, or a blog entry) of at least 500 words. See if they guess your gender correctly.

I submitted All Of Them Together, and was told:
Female Score: 1617
Male Score: 2433
The Gender Genie thinks the author of this passage is: male!

when I pushed the button to say it was wrong, it responded: wow, that was written by some butch chick!

excuse me? All Of Them? Butch ? Muwhahahahah.

Breathe: Male
Female Score: 1063 / Male Score: 1867

Slouching Toward Gondolin: male
Female Score: 617 /Male Score: 1323

Weapon of Choice ( An LJ entry for Tuor): male
Female Score: 98 / Male Score: 866

River of fallen Stars: Male
Female Score: 2344 / Male Score: 2735

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