fileg (fileg) wrote,

Happy Soup

Last week, after the Garnet Rogers concert, we ended up at Denny's, bastion of those who want food after 8pm in the Princeton area.

We ordered, and then I looked down at my placemat and remarked that they should not make the soup look so much like real soup when hungry folks were waiting for food too late at night. My table companions asked if anime soup would have been better, and I said yes. So octoberscorpio made me - happy soup!


There was much anime here tonight as we did massive loads of laundry (including three machines of Jim's Aloha Shirts - I can't tell you how awesome that looks drying on the shower rod.)

We watched volume 5 of Last Exile. Have I mentioned how much I adore Claus? Jim and I nearly wept at the end, knowing it will be weeks and weeks before we get the next volume. I am tempted to ebay the last two in japanese with subtitles, and then pass them on when the English ones arrive.

We checked out one of the things I bought Chris for Yule, to see if we need it too.We watched about a dozen episodes of Ranma, and giggled helplessly. The we switched over to adult swim.

We also had a successful transfer to DVD by not trying to convert PAL to NTSC. We like the program enough that I think we'll go with it. But we're still looking for someting that solves that PAL tape problem. Sorry, mrkinch, it wasn't After The Deluge, but we are still trying....

I am *so* looking forward to sleeping in my own bed again - woke up soaked on Wednesday morning, and the first patch didn't take, so we spent three nights on the air mattress we bought to take to boston ( a lifesaver of a purchase. Not only will I be able to put lee and Annaliese on a reasonably comfortable surface next time they come through, but after sleeping on water for 26 years, if I go three nights off the water I can't even sleep, I hurt so much) It's a tiny spot, but it's let go several times now and we can't rotate the mattress or the fill spout will be under our backs. So, time to start scouting for a new water bed, since it seems to be just a matter of time)

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