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found tarot

Knight of Swords

Direct, blunt, frank and outspoken, can be tactless and rude
gets straight to the point, does not spare the feelings of others
can't hold their tongue, gives honest answers, shows little discretion

speaks with assurance, commands attention, acts with certainty
does not welcome dissent, has great influence
Incisive, cutting, has a keen, forceful intellect
prone to biting sarcasm, penetrates to the core
expresses ideas succinctly, can be critical, is sharp and alert
cutting wit, derides stupidity

Knowledgeable/Opinionated, can expound on any topic
lacks tolerance of other viewpoints, must have the last word
is arrogant, can be dogmatic and close-minded, logical and unfeeling
reasons clearly but undervalues intuition, doesn't temper justice with mercy

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