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hey, it's me

I have a ton of catch up to do, on the new Tolkien lines in particular (yay!) - both stories and comments - but I am *trying* to meet this weeks drabble deadline one one time. Then, I can clear my head. (Plus, North is apparently still aggravated with me - she's talking again, but now she just wants to write complicated poetry to no good purpose. Busy skull day.) Soon.

Chris kidnapped me yesterday for anime and quiche. mmmm. Chris's gouda and bacon quiche. But who the hell thinks - lets make an anime called Rune Soldier Louie?

I spent most of today showing Jim the new tricks Titania, my powerbook, has thought up. Not so good. Like writing depression, it seems to have broken out like a plague in my flist. Soon.

I have two proposals:

pictures fromfiendling
Tell me what you want me to take a picture of and post in my journal.
(Don't waste your votes asking for pics of me, I always post the same picture of Divine for that)

writing: Because I have a little bird that watches over me who thinks I need to stretch my wings, I thought I might take a deep breath and ask - There is a challenge at HASA to take a writing partner and write about characters trying to work together. The challenge closes soon, but there is no length limit and I wondered if anyone wanted to try setting up a situation and we could each write a drabble from one viewpoint? (I am open to other suggestions, too, but that seemed non-invasional but interesting to me.) details from the HA line below the cut

The Tagteam Challenge Closes: 25 October 2004

Partnerships. The world just doesn't work without them.

For this challenge, both characters and authors must work together in a new situation. Invite another writer to work with you and collaborate on a short-story. You may choose someone whose work
you've admired for a long time, or someone you've swapped ideas with in the past, but it should be someone you've never written with before. It's up to you how you divide up the work, but each author should contribute a portion of the final written story.

Then choose two characters who may or may not be or become friends and write on them working together for the first time on a specific task, and not necessarily successfully. Like the newly-paired authors, this should be a newly-formed partnership, although the characters may or may not have been acquainted with each other in the past. You may use either two canon characters, or one canon character working with an original character. The situation could be a book incident you would like to flesh out (Melkor and Ungoliant kill the Two Trees) or a canonically plausible incident (Legolas and Gimli struggle to paddle their boat down the Anduin).

All Ages, races, and locations are welcome. Short-stories are encouraged, but any length and any genre is acceptable. Once stories are completed, they may be posted under either author's name, but the other should be credited in the story summary.

And, because I am feeling cranky, here something I want to add to my list of Icon peeves - this one related to challenges I play in or monitor: in challenges where there is both a"lyrical or text" and a "quote" category, I expect the quote to be from the books or the movie. Ok, I am willing to admit that may be me being over-specific again, but I won't budge on this one - I don't hate icons with unreadable text used as a design element. But it makes me crazy to see them entered (and winning) for Quote or Lyric categories. Aaaaagh

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