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ninquelosse asked whatever makes you believe that this is the most beautiful tree in your neighborhood.

They are cutting down the trees around me, much to my sorrow, but this is one of my favorites - its at the Revolutionary War battlefield in Princeton, not too far away. (I used to work in the Princeton Engineeering Library). I love it as a tree, though it has been cut severely back in recent years since its weight is too much for it, but I am a revolution buff, too and it is one of those places where you hear voices and noise when you go by.

These are the trees across from my apartment during the ice storm in january.

I used to have a crabapple outside my den window, but the apartment pulled it out because the incompetent lawn guys kept gumming up the mowers. It was beautiful, and it held my feeders (my feeders were disallowed last year, too many squirrels for the management... guh) but I must have actual (not digital, I mean) pics of mayday streamers in it... I'll look tomorrow
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