fileg (fileg) wrote,

Moon Lands

A belated birthday present for Liz at Henneth Annun,
(with good thoughts to Flick who has just been on my mind while I wrote it)


Anduin, mother of waters, carries within her all of our world. Snow melt from the roof of the world has gathered to her heart the heart of all the lands she washes as she journeys South. She flows broad and bright by the time she reaches the Garden of Gondor. Ithilien greets her at the border of Anorien with moonflowers, craving her blessing.

Next the banks bloom in variegated thyme, symbol of courage and persistence; then lemon balm and peppermint spread the scent of healing as they run rioting over the paths. Meadowsweet twines the fragrance of happiness where clover and chamomile promise the redemption of love. Sweet grass , whose scent clears the mind, joins wild dianthus to open the heart.

For awhile Anduin goes more slowly, hiding in the reeds, before surging forward again as she catches the scent of the sea and runs onward to meet the sun. But before she leaves the lands of the moon, fennel and yarrow will add to her song – protection, sweet mother, for all the lands within reach of your cold, swift flowing tears.

I kneel and drink deeply of the waters of the moon. Then, rising to go, I drop the green sprig I have been holding in my right hand into the dancing gleam.

Rosemary – that’s for remembrance.
Tags: arda, fiction

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